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Member of OEPV
(Austrian Physiotherapy Society)
Member of OEGPPT
(Austrian Equine Physiotherapy Society)

To me, physiotherapy means improving your quality of life – vitality, agility, sense of well being – whether you suffer from a sports injury, a herniated disc or require post-surgical rehabilitation. At our first appointment, after asking you a thousand questions and looking at you from head to toe, you and I will plan your treatment together, taking your lifestyle and previous injuries into account to determine the most effective approach. By assessing your person as a whole, I can ensure your elbow pain isn’t originating from your upper back or that your knee pain isn’t slipped disc. I will always explain the diagnosis in a way that you understand your problem and show you ways that you can help yourself improve in between treatments, for example specific exercises, general fitness or posture correction. I use and combine several manual treatment techniques, cranio-sacral therapy, chiropractic manoeuvres and Spineliner therapy to have you back on your feet in no time!

This is a very gentle, yet powerful hands-on treatment that I love using in certain situations where classical physio alone is no/not enough help, indications ranging from migraine, tinnitus and allergies to colicky babies, stress headache and menstrual complaints. Also, it is unbelievably relaxing – treat yourself to a session ;-)

This is a electromechanical device (not electrotherapy) that assists me in treating musculoskeletal disorders – it helps achieve significant reduction of pain and increased mobility in muscles and joints, using mechanical impulses in a pain free treatment that makes really tense muscles relax in just a few minutes.

Have you thrown out your back? Do you have a nagging pain between your shoulder blades? Do your ribs hurt when you breathe in deeply? Is your sciatica acting up again? Chiropractic manoeuvres are brilliant for acute pain relief – but I will never let you leave without strengthening exercises to stabilise your problem region, so you can be rid of the problem for good.

This is a training I devised myself over many years, the name being a combination of “stability” and “agility”. Today, many work-outs emphasise agility, suppleness and large range of motion. All these are important for our physical fitness. Unfortunately, stability is often neglected in exercise classes; yet the basis of agility IS stability – picture a tree: the stronger the roots, the better the branches can wave in the wind without the tree being toppled.

Consider this offer a sort of “MOT” for you and your horse! I will come and assess both of you, first individually and then together, to improve the riding experience for you and show you ways to optimize the physical harmony between you.